Kalf Katch pole with with interchangeable hooks for sheep or calf.

Tried and tested and very popular over the last 18 years. The lightweight (1kg) Kalf Katch telescopic 5ft to 10ft aluminium pole with spring hook designed to slide neatly just below the calf's hock holding the fetlock preventing escape.

Safer handling and a low stress technique for capturing calves up to 200 lbs (90 kgs) in the field without the need or ropes.

If you wish to have both hook types please order the pole with a calf hook, and add the sheep hook as an optional extra to your cart in related products.

Used by us on our own Limousine beef herd here in the South of France, formerly dairy farmers from Cornwall UK. Caught over 40 calves 2017 alone in the fields.

Delivery to the UK, 4 to 6 days by courier. 


Calve's don't seem to consider the pole as a threat, even if they've been handled previously. I extend and gently approach and circle towards the animal.

I tend to go for the calf's rear right leg, when hooked, pull back on the pole which extends there leg considerable reducing there pulling power, keeping some pressure on the pole I slowly walk down the length until I can grab the hooked leg with my left hand, unhook and deposit the calf catching pole in the field - depending on what's happening I either tag there, or with my right hand grab the left leg under my left arm, twist and roll the calf over onto its back so I can watch whilst easily sliding it either to my Land Rover, Mule or under an electric fence for better safety from the mother.

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Kalf Katch pole

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